We will create a unique relation.

A personal space at your service.

Your role

You are the HERO. You conquer your challenges. You set the pace.

My role

I am the SENSEI at your service. I accompany you on your journey. I believe in you, always.
Our relationship is YOUR SANCTUARY.

A safe space where you can be your TRUE SELF.

With UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT to explore, to grow and to choose your next step.

There is no a predefined program. YOU ARE THE PROGRAM.

The relation is one of MUTUAL COMMITMENT. Warm, solid and deep.

A POWERFUL ALLIANCE to work together for 12 months.

If we both agree on working together, you make the payment and we are ready to go. YOU CROSS THE THRESHOLD and your world transforms.


Areas we might choose to work upon


SPIRIT - To leave a legacy -

1. You will connect with your INNER COMPASS

You will connect with your essence, strengths and unique qualities.

You will discover your purpose.

MIND - To learn -

2. You will create your VISION

With the goals to conquer.

With the new behaviours to cultivate.

BODY - To live -


You will develop grit and focus to take actions systematically.

You will learn and grow with each step.

HEART - To love -

4. You will create your ENERGY & WELLBEING

You will develop your own generative practices.

You will make sure to recharge your energy along the journey.