Every hero gets forged by walking his own journey step by step…

… and confronting the shadows he casts.

My name is Daniel Beteta Serrano.

It is my pleasure to show you the path that I have walked to arrive here.


YIN & YANG is integrating opposite and complementary energies. It is creating harmony and balance.


“He who teaches from his own experience and example.”

“He who has begun the path some steps ahead.”

“He who shares his wisdom and is influenced by oriental tradition: Tao, Zen, Tantra…”

BLUE is twilight, wisdom, introspection, serenity… deep insight.


“The path to personal transformation.”

“Happiness is not in the final destination but in every step of the path.”

“Successes and failures are part of the adventure.”

ORANGE is sunrise, fire, enthusiasm, playfulness, warmth… creating the impossible.

7th of April 1976 – Welcome to the World

I am born in Madrid (SPAIN).

My parents raise me with love and proximity.

I am a SENSITIVE, WARM and CUDDLING little boy.

1976-1991 First years

I grow up with my sister, 3 years younger than me.

I am CHEERFUL, CURIOUS and CREATIVE. I love making up stories and drawing my own comics. I learn fast and I obtain good grades.

I develop an INDEPENDENT MIND and some fear about social rejection. I don’t play football very well, being the national sport. I love spending time with my dad.

1992-1994 Competitive teenager

I use basketball to build a new identity: COMPETITIVE WINNER. I develop my body and mind with discipline. I evolve from being a reserve player to become the team captain. My game is INTENSE.

I develop my REBEL SIDE. I discover parties and girls.

1994-2000 Engineer without vocation


I end high school with good grades. Even if I enjoy humanities more, I enrol myself in Industrial Engineering, looking for career opportunities. I develop my RATIONAL and LOGICAL brain, my ORGANIZATIONAL skills, and my PERSEVERANCE. My creativity fades into the background and parties become less frequent.

I complete my degree. I have become a learning and problem-solving machine. I still DON’T HAVE A CLEAR VOCATION. I do an internship in an automotive factory. I will work for 17 years in this industrial world.

2000-2003 – Management, systems, processes

I grow and add value to systems and processes. I work in an old-school factory that contrasts with a corporate culture oriented towards growth and innovation. I learn a lot from my mentors, both positively and negatively. I am “the boy” who implements new things. My initiative and proactivity make me quickly gain new responsibilities.

2004-2007 Epic. Warrior of Fire

I suffer a sentimental break up. It is the first one of a long series yet to come. I leave the nest and I move to the UK. My mission is to reorganize a factory in crisis. I am the second in command. The risk is high, the company’s situation is dramatic, and my experience is short. I become the WARRIOR OF FIRE.

I learn to lead with ENTHUSIASM.

My energy is overflowing, both at work and in the social arena. It is my epic period and I celebrate without measure. I triumph and I return to Spain as the VICTORIOUS HERO.

2008 – Conscience awakening
2009-2010 Another path to create the impossible

I return to Spain and I experience FRUSTRATION regarding the local company, which I judge as complacent and rusting in status quo.

I meet Belén, the woman of my life. I find her intentionally and this time away from the party pubs.

I connect with my CREATIVITY and SENSITIVITY and I give it fully into the relationship. I access my capacity to CREATE THE IMPOSSIBLE and I offer her the wedding of her DREAMS.

2011-2013 Solid leader… who fails

I persuade my boss to undertake a deep cultural change. We advance together, slower than I would like. I forge myself as a SOLID LEADER. I galvanize the organization around an inspiring Vision. I apply the S. Covey’s leadership model along with Lean Manufacturing. The project is an internal success and we are awarded the first prize in Excellence.

The company goes through a difficult financial and political crisis. These are tough times. The project is not understood by the Board Management. I get expelled from Spain through the rear door. I experience this as a PERSONAL FAILURE.


2014-2017 Visionary and transformational leader. The cycle is closed
2017-To date ``Renewal: The Sensei Journey``

I create the “The Sensei Journey” TO SERVE individuals who inspire me. I invite them to DISCOVER themselves, to CREATE their dreams and to SHARE them.

My purpose is BRINGING LOVE and POSSIBILITY to the world, accompanying my clients to feel ALIVE and FULFILLED.

In my own Journey I have gone through different stages of maturity. I have experienced successes and failures. I have laughed and I have cried. I have grown.

I have understood that the present moment is all I have. I choose to LIVE IT FULLY, moment to moment.

I work on my personal growth and I RENEW MYSELF constantly.

I STUDY, I LEARN and I GET INSPIRED by my mentors and role models.

I put my wisdom and my experience AT YOUR SERVICE.